Tuesday, May 01, 2012

On Beltane Morning

What could be more in the spirit of Beltane (or May Day), than a much loved gnarly ash tree leaning gracefully over the Clyde River by the bridge and a old granary in the village of Lanark?  Here it is, seen on a balmier morning not so very long ago.

The water holds everything so tenderly in springtime reflection: tree and green leaves, stones and the structure with its rusty roof.  A short distance away, Canada geese are floating majestically along without moving a feather, and a river otter swims back and forth near the shoreline. Swallows swoop back and forth over the water in search of food, and the whole May morning is caught up in shimmering green.

Happy Beltane to you and your clan!


Angie said...

Happiest of Beltanes to you also, sweet Cate.
Blessed Be

Rowan said...

A very Happy Beltane Cate - a little late I'm afraid. I'm watching to see whether the ash comes into leaf before the oak ( I have both in my garden) as if the ash is first it foretells a wet summer. Do you know the old saying? Ash before oak, we're in for a soak, oak before ash 'twill just be a splash.