Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter's Eye

Winter's eye is passionate,
seeks defining shapes and patterns in the snow,
sweep of north wind and frozen river,
smoke curling skyward from farmhouse chimneys,
flowing curve of hoary branch and bend of whitened tree,
the glossy brush of ice and crackling frost.
There's a flash of color here and there,
red of cardinal's wing and berried hawthorn,
lacy green of cedar, soaring blue of spruce,
the burnished gold of sleeping willow,
deep indigo of twilight's lengthening shadow
along the fence in its perfect cloak of white.



Angie said...

Beautiful poem and photograph, Cate. I would love to have some snow --- don't think it will happen here any time soon. Back into the 60s next week...decidedly NOT Christmas weather for this ole girl.

Brian said...

the burnished gold of sleeping willow...

Beautiful line with its delicate play on words, Cate.

We got a dusting last night and the sky looks promising this morning. I am passionate for snow.

Debbie said...

Lovely poem.

Love to you this day...

Anonymous said...

that is gorgeous, poem and photo both. the poem makes me think that winter is more primary in its hue.

the wild magnolia said...

Beautiful winter scene fence and snows.

Lovely poem leading us by word through the wintery ways.

Sara said...

I always feel it a special time when I find some color in the vast whiteness that is a Canadian winter.


Q said...

Dear Cate,
Angie introduced me to your blog and I am so grateful! I have so enjoyed my time here this evening. We share many of the same loves...I too follow the Moon.
The Waxing Crescent is my favorite...I have named the 13 New Moons of our Luna year December she is the New Cardinal Moon.
May you have a blessed Solstice.
Looking forward to getting to know you in 2012.
Blessed Bee,
Sherry who loves the Moon

Kiki said...

what a double beauty! many thanks for poetry and photo - if winter is as stunning as this, I could subscribe to it!

silverlight said...

Blue snow, never ceases to amaze me.