Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Magick for Terri

This is the last day for submitting bids on the amazing items being auctioned at Magick for Terri, a fundraising initiative to benefit mythic artist, editor and author Terri Windling and her family and assist them in coping with serious financial troubles arising from health and legal issues.

If the world of folklore, mythic fiction and fantasy literature has a muse, it is Terri.  There are copies in my library of everything she has ever written, my favorite (of course) being her Mythopoeic Award winning novel, The Wood Wife.

Terri has given generously of herself over the years, and now it is our turn to give something back. Please visit the auction site and think about bidding on one of the many wonderful items - there are drawings, paintings, antiques, pieces of jewelry, signed books, collectibles, music, and tantalizing offers from some of the foremost figures working in the fields of fantasy art and literature today.

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