Sunday, October 30, 2011

Under the Halloween Moon

 Sing a song of Halloween, jack-o-lanterns everywhere,
Bats and brooms and witches, flitting through the air.
Spirits and ghosties rising, by moon and crooked tree,
Brightest blessings are flying out to you from me.
Come one, come all!  It's the annual Witches Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon, hosted by the beautiful Frosted Petunia and moving merrily by broomstick, bicycle, horse and buggy or other conveyance from house to house this weekend.

There's a jack-o-lantern on the veranda, and a lovely fire going in the fireplace here, pots and pots of tea, vast urns of coffee and other fine potions.  The old oak banquet table holds glossy candied apples, tray upon tray of chocolates, plates of cunningly iced moon cookies and journey cakes. Bagpipes, fiddles and harps are being tuned as I write this, and the dancing is about to begin.
Join us by the fire and celebrate glorious technicolor October in all its vibrant hues, spice and fragrance.  Sing us a spell, weave us a spell or two, tell us your stories.  When you've warmed yourself by the fire, imbibed a few noggins, consumed a few journey cakes and danced a few jigs, other fine witchy tea parties await you this weekend.


Kameshwari said...

OH my!!! That caramel apple is very sensual, seductive and sexy.

Nestforawren said...

I never post, it’s Carey, this was a delightful photo essay for a Samhain eve! Your first image took me by such delightful surprise! ...and I agree with Kameshwari about that caramel apple! Happy Blessed Hallowe’en!

Guy said...

Hi Cate

The Carmel Apple does indeed look yummy, I hope you bought lots of extra candy in case of emergencies,
you know.


Mystic Meandering said...

Getting my broom ready as we speak... Will be flying in any moment now :) C

Anonymous said...

I love your pumpkin carving and the candy apple.

Victoria said...

I'll just take a few moon cookies and a large mug of tea and settle by that lovely fire. Ahhhh...



Celia said...

What a lovely tea party....thank you for having me over....

kerrdelune said...

I agree, a glossy candied apple just has to be one of the most succulent and sensuous things in existence - particularly wonderful if a little cinnamon has stirred into the candy coating!

Susan said...

What a wonderful party post!! thank you for having me :)

come visit mine, I have 3 giveaways :)