Sunday, October 09, 2011

Blue and Red and Orange

A puckish wind shakes the maple leaves loose, and sets them fluttering through the air and across the ridge like birds, brilliantly blue skies forming a vibrant background to such seasonal undertakings. 

The forest floor is already deep in fallen leaves, and they rustle underfoot like taffeta on our walks - leaves still on the trees tug at their moorings like tall ships made ready for journeys to faraway places and eager to be away on the very next tide.
There is color, sound and enticing fragrance everywhere: blue of sky, red and orange of the eaves, red squirrels chattering high in the overstory, the dry somewhat spicy perfume of native herbals going to seed and spreading their genetic wealth around for next year.

After several lovely cool and typically October days, it is going to be HOT here today - we are about to set a record for October in fact. Back into the cedar chest go our sweaters and out come our t-shirts, but only for a few days.  Temperatures will drop some time later this week, and we will be back to woollies and gloves.

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Mystic Meandering said...

Lovely post! "...leaves still on the trees tug at their moorings like tall ships anticipating journeys to faraway places..." My sails are set and imagination is soaring ~~~~~~~ ahhhhh :)