Saturday, September 17, 2011

By the Door

I have been thinking for the last week or so that it is high time that I posted a vibrant threshold image here.  The image looks a LOT clearer if you click on it for a slightly larger (and clearer) view.
The first autumn frosts will arrive within a few days and the welcoming botanical tableaux on our front walkways will be over for this year.  All our doorway lovelies are fading away, and it will not be long until they have expired and returned to the earth from which they came.
How quickly time seems to fly away...  It is so cold in the mornings now that one needs a warm jacket, hat and gloves for early walks, and our collars are turned up against the wind before leaving home. 


the wild magnolia said...

Comforting beauty and sense of home.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful colour. It's apple season, but we're still getting Ontario peaches. So not quite fall yet.