Tuesday, August 02, 2011

For the Earth in All Her Contours

In some measure, the woman who is standing here with her DSLR, photographer's vest and bag of camera equipment is the same person who stood on the edge of the field with her prized Brownie Bullet many long years ago.

That wee girl was filled with wonder.  She marveled at the beauty of the rural morning around her, and she traced the contours of the field with her eyes, framing the image in her mind and wondering how best to capture it in the little box around her neck - she could have stood in perfect contentment by the rail fence forever.

There are the same feelings on this day of Lughnasadh or First Harvest, although the elder (me) creaks as she turns to frame a fey and ethereal shot out across the sleepy landscape. Some things never change, but should they change, and do they need to? Perhaps I never left this place - perhaps I have been here forever watching as the clouds and the light change and flow.


the wild magnolia said...

Wonder sharing of the Mother Earth, she is a beauty.

For sure, you have remained the same little girl inside, with a dear kindred heart.

JoLynne Lyon said...

I think you should celebrate the same-ness, and also the things that change. The view from the edge of the field will vary from day to day. It's okay to stand at the edge, time after time, and wonder at it all.