Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wordless at Twilight

A favorite view around twilight...  The scent of water and reeds hovers in the air, granite and evergreens and weathered planks.  There's the sound of the river gamboling down through the gorge, under the bridge and out into the lake, waves lapping the shore and the old dock creaking on its splintery pilings, crickets and bullfrogs, the plangent voices of drifting loons, an occasional rasping of herons.  There are coyotes singing somewhere nearby, and they sound happy.

The setting sun is a sphere of flames over the distant shore, and at the end of  a summer day, its light paints a sparkling trail clear across the lake.  The backdrop is a frieze of purple clouds and floating islands, slow ripples spreading outward from the center, birds going home to roost for the night.

Crone sits on the dock with her feet dangling in the water, and she knows a deep and peaceful stillness that comes along all too rarely.  She senses Great Mystery all around her in the twilight, grace and a wild elemental truth that she wishes she could share, but she can't find the right words - this evening she can't seem to find any words at all,  That doesn't bother her though.  She will let the images speak (or rather sing) for their own wild selves, and oh, how they do sing. Who needs words on such a night?


Debbie said...

Looking at your pictures and reading your words, I feel like I am right there beside you, dangling my feet in the water.

So, I let out a huge sigh, turn to you and smile...

Thank you for sharing both your glimpse of Great Mystery and her gifts so lovingly tucked inside of you this morning.

Love you, dearest!

Mystic Meandering said...

How wonderful to be wordless - just soaking up the Great Mystery of it all in silence - listening to Life singing its own song... Beautiful...

the wild magnolia said...

I like that some mystery remains, I continue to ponder, and linger for more.

Beautiful photos allow me to travel to your place of twilight.

Thank you, for sharing.

christinalfrutiger said...

I love, love, love this photo!
"A lake is the Earth's eye looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature"


tj said...

I always seem to read your blog posts right after finishing up my yoga. That being said, I've got to thank you for setting the scene for some of my best meditations.

So thank you, for helping me to find that calm place in my soul that I thought I'd lost.

Rowan said...

What a wonderfully tranquil place this looks. In the UK it's hard to find anywhere that holds only the sights and sounds of the natural world,nearly always somewhere faintly in the background is the faint hum of traffic or the sound of a passing plane.