Tuesday, June 07, 2011

That Happy Buzz

For weeks, the garden has simply rested in the sunlight, sending up new branches and putting out leaves - there was nary a butterfly, a dragonfly or a bee to be seen.

This morning, all my roses are wearing buds, and the air is full of happy buzzing from legions of common eastern bumble bees (Bombus inpatiens) foraging in the flowering spurge we planted only last week.  When one bumble flew into the house earlier, I nudged it on to a square of cardboard and carried it outside to the garden where it made its way to the lupins and settled noisily back into gathering nectar.

Bumbles are some of my favorite summer garden residents, and their numbers have been in decline after several harsh winters and cold wet springs - it is good to see so many of them gracing our flower beds.  Diligent pollinators, their august presence means that local orchards may be able to anticipate a good harvest this year, and that is something to crow about, or rather to buzz about.  A world without Mackintosh apples does not bear thinking about.


Cindy said...

Bees are such a gift! I love honey, beeswax, their cheerful *buzz buzz*, their coloring, their unexpected hives found on a nature walk....just everything....except maybe, a sting!

Kameshwari said...

Until I read your blog, there were no bumbles to buzz around the blackberry bushes outside of my bedroom window. Just after reading your entry, as if through a portal, the bumble bees have arrive.

Anonymous said...

What colour!

the wild magnolia said...

Bumble Bees are so helpful! I love them too, I love bees. They are beautiful and useful. I love that too!

A few weeks ago I was sitting in our truck while Darrell was fueling the truck. My window was open and I noticed about fifteen or twenty bees outside. After a bit about four bees came inside the cab of the truck and buzzed about me, it was thrilling! A visitation of bees! Awesome spring gift!

Thank you for sharing.