Friday, May 13, 2011

Gazing Intently

An elegant point and perfect focus...  Spencer's intent expression is fixed on a black squirrel which has not realized that it is being stalked and in great danger.  A few seconds later the squirrel came to its senses and scrambled over the fence with our furry son not far behind.  Things are supposed to stay where they are when he is pointing them, and he regards it as a personal affront when they do not.

First of all, thank you for all the kind words about our boy's health issues.  His Lyme disease tests went off to the University of Guelph for analysis and came back to us in good time - Dr. Sue was kind enough to contact us as soon as they did.

It appears (thank the Old Wild Mother) that the tick bite was fairly recent, and that he has not actually come down with the disease.  In the words of Dr. Sue, Spencer has been exposed to Lyme, but he is fighting the disease tooth and claw, just like the indomitable little brown warrior he is.

We are helping his battle along with an aggressive course of antibiotics and thinking good thoughts.  This is our first encounter (and Spencer's) with Greenies Dog Pill Pockets, and  thanks to the chicken flavored variety, he is taking his medication cheerfully.  He absolutely adores the treats and would probably consent to another course of antibiotics if it meant he would continue to get his "greenies".


Mystic Meandering said...

Yeay for Spencer! Beautiful dog... Good sign that he still likes to "play"/chase :) Glad he is doing well.

the wild magnolia said...

Oh Spencer, keep up the fight! We are all with you with love and bright thoughts of good health.

You know my heart and the fur people, I love them so much!

The Old Wild Mother remembered! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear it. It sounds like it was caught in time. That's good news.

Guy said...


Please know you have our best wishes for Spencer. I have to admit, every time I see a photo I think if I was to get a larger dog I would get a German shorthaired pointer they are so beautiful.

and Good luck.


Angie said...

Oh I'm soooo glad that Spencer is able to fight this disease...and aren't those little pill pockets the ticket!! :)

Sky said...

what a face! he is so extraordinarily handsome. glad he is moving through the antibiotic regimen well.

Gingerspark said...

I just clued into the fact that you're a few Canadian. *head desk*

All the best to Spencer!!