Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Flower Moon of May

Lady Moon rises over the water, and her rising is an expression of warmth and the greening season and new life awakening - it is also an expression of hope and yearning in this unseasonably cool, wet and overcast May. 

Alas, the moon was not to be seen last evening, and this image is from another spring night, a year or two past. Clouds filled the sky this time around, but Spencer and I were outside in the rainy garden with tripod, camera, telescope and telephoto apparatus, and we were happy to be there.  It is always good to be out in the enfolding glow of the lady who reigns over our sleepings and dreamings. Last evening's glow was faint, but we knew in our blood and bones that the moon was up there somewhere smiling down on us, and we smiled back.  

In many parts of the world, May's full moon is known as the Buddha Moon, and its appearance marks the beginning of Wesak, the Buddhist festival which celebrates the Buddha's birth, his enlightenment and his passing into spirit at the end of his earthly days.  For that reason, this moon is particularly dear to our hearts.  We also know this moon as:

Alewife Moon, Anagantios Moon, Blossom Moon, Bottlebrush Moon, Bright Moon, Budding Moon, Buddha's Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Death Moon, Dragon Moon, Dyad Moon, Fawns Moon, Field Maker Moon, Fifth Moon, Fish Moon, Flower Moon, Flowering Moon, Fright Moon, Frog Moon, Frogs Return Moon, Geese Go North Moon, Geese Moon, Grass Moon, Green Leaf Moon, Hare Moon, Hoeing Corn Moon, Idle Moon, Iris Moon, Joy Moon, Leaf Dancing Moon, Leaves Appear Moon, Leaves Tender Moon, Lily of the Valley Moon, Little Corn Moon, Little Finger Moon, Magnolia Moon, Merry Moon, Milk Moon, Moon of Big Leaf, Moon of the Strawberry, Moon of the Camas Harvest, Moon of Waiting, Moon To Plant, Moon When Corn is Planted, Moon When Ponies Shed Their Fur, Moon When the Buffalo Plant is in Flower, Moon When the Leaves Are Green, Moon When the Little Flowers Die, Moon When the Horses Get Fat, Moon When Women Weed Corn, Mulberry Moon, Mulberry Ripening Moon, New Waters Moon, Old Woman Moon, Panther Moon, Penawen Moon, Peony Moon, Planting Moon, Putting Seeds in the Hole Moon, Ripening Moon, Seeds Moon, Seeds Ripen Moon, Sprout Kale Moon, Staying Home Moon, Storing Moon, Strawberry Moon, Suckers Dried Moon Summer Moon, Thrice Milk Moon, Wesak Moon, When the Ponies Shed Their Shaggy Hair Moon, Wind Tossed Moon, Winnemon Moon, Wisdom Moon

I am rather fond of "Leaf Dancing Moon" and "Ripening Moon".  Happy Wesak everyone!


Cindy said...

Old Woman Moon. Funny, but I dreamt of an old woman last night, couldn't place her either. Hmm....

the wild magnolia said...

The lady moon always thrills me to my finger tips and shimmers magic in my life.

Gorgeous picture!

Happy day!

Laura said...

so gorgeous...I had no idea there were so many names for the moon!

flameater said...

Beautifully written, with a matching photo.

Steven Crisp said...

OK Kate, that is another incredible photo.

So may I be so bold again to ask if you can offer up some tips for making such amazing photos?

As one who occassionaly tries to take such photos, I can attest this is not an easy feat, at least with my current skill set.

I welcome any suggestions and tips. But in any case, appreciate your magnificent photos.

Steven Crisp said...

Oops, I mean Cate. Sorry.

Ontario Wanderer said...

I have seen many moon names but never so many for one month in one place. How did you research all the names? Where"