Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, Rain

Village skies are cloudy this morning, and there is precipitation in the forecast for the next several days.  A light rain is already falling, and there is a lustrous pearly gray sheen on everything in view, roof lines, chimneys, streets, trees, parked vehicles, children marching off to school after the Easter holiday with backpacks, bright rain slickers, harlequin colored umbrellas and shiny rubber boots.

Who knows?  Perhaps today's rainfall will put paid to the last few inches of ice in the garden shed. Our patio furniture, tools and barbeque are still stuck fast out there in the dim recesses, and they are longing for freedom.

In the absence of good light for photography, this is a fine day for reading, pondering and tending one's mental garden. There is fey harp music on the sound system, and there are books heaped on the old oak library table: books on art, photography, creativity, local geology, barn architecture, hydrostatics, mythology, folklore, bugs, butterflies and gardening. Volumes on the glorious gardens of Trelissick and Heligan beckon too, and there is a copy of the National Trust Book of Gardens close at hand. One cannot tackle such undertakings without pots of Darjeeling and Earl Grey, or perhaps a nice smoky Lapsang Souchong.

Rain patters on the roof like footsteps and makes lovely wet patterns on the roof of my red umbrella - it sets the wind chimes in the eaves dancing and glosses with silver the enchantments of a day that might in other circumstances be called simply "gray".


the wild magnolia said...

I love the inclusive coziness of rainy days.

Wishing you melted snow...soon. :)

Cindy said...

It has rained here for 10 days days straight. Tornados have frequented the area. Sirens, chaos, fear. But we're all snug and cozy as I type. Bring it.....