Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Ramble - Earth Day

Good Friday and Earth Day are together this year, and so this cold bright day is doubly hallowed, early sunlight glinting off roof lines, hoarfrost on the tall evergreens sparkling wonderfully.

The word earth dates from well before 950 CE, and it comes to us through the good offices of the Middle English erthe, the Old English eorthe; the Germanic Erde, Old Norse jĒ«rth, Danish  jord and the Gothic airtha, all springing from the Ancient Saxon eard meaning soil, home, or dwelling.  All are related to the Latin aro, meaning to plough or turn over. Thus to be earthy or "of the earth" is simply to dwell here, to be a steward, a gardener, a tender shepherd of wild places.

Where on earth does one find words and images to express the wonder and beauty and sacredness of this little blue world in which we all walk and dream and live out our allotted days?  I sit and mutter in front of the computer screen - I sort through archived images, come close to despairing and decide to renounce photography altogether before choosing something from this week.  Giving up photography is unlikely to happen, but on Earth Day, I am most painfully aware of my creative shortcomings and sad that I cannot do better.

We are all yearning for wholeness and connection.  On this day, we can look back on the long journey we have taken this far and hopefully understand that we are part of Mother Earth as She is part of us. To borrow the words of wise woman and deep ecologist, Joanna Macy, "We are our world knowing itself".

Deep gasshos to the Old Wild Mother, to Mother Earth herself who endures and forgives and strives to heal. This one is for you, Mama, with thanksgiving and a whole heart full of wonder. May we continue to witness your grandeur and patience and reciprocity for many years to come, and may we be your fierce and loving advocates all the days of our earthly lives.  Blessed be.


the wild magnolia said...

Thank you!

Happy Earth Day!

Cindy said...

Happy Earth Day...a Good Friday, indeed!

Mystic Meandering said...

Oh, never ever give up your photography! It expresses the sacredness of Life so delightfully, and speaks so clearly of the Heart of Being that is living us all here...
With gratitude for your wonderful gift... Christine