Monday, April 18, 2011

The Egg Moon of April

When April's full moon makes her appearance, the snow is usually (although not always) gone, but the landscape has not quite begun its blithe greening, its shaggy bursting forth into color and fragrance and song. There is however the tang of fresh earth underfoot and vibrant sap flowing along through every twig and branch. The northern world is awakening, and we cavort like perfect fools on the cusp between winter and spring. In its resemblance to a great cosmic egg, April's full moon expresses the greening of the earth and new life quickening.

A puckish business is this life in the great round and the matter of moons. One goes out with tripod and camera, and she hopes to see Lady Moon rising on her special night, but can never be sure of actually seeing her. In springtime, the moon is often concealed by rain clouds and cannot be seen, but last evening she rose like a pearl over hills, evergreens, water and one old hen with camera and tripod.

Around this time every year, this time I find myself in the embrace of vague amorphous longings which defy description.  I wander for hours, reaching out  toward something that cannot be defined or described or captured. I dream of standing on a wild shore somewhere, watching the moon rise over the trees and the stars dancing overhead. Whens she rises, Lady Moon quiets the longings, sometimes old stones do, a single rainy leaf or Canada geese passing overhead. I really should be beyond such yearnings by now, but thy become stronger and more compelling with every passing year.

We also know this restless yearning moon as the: Ashes Moon, Big Spring Moon, Broken Snowshoe Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Bullhead Moon, Cherry Blossom Moon, Daisy Moon, Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, Flower Moon, Fourth Moon, Frog Moon, Glittering Snow on Lake Moon, Grass Moon, Gray Goose Moon, Great Sand Storm Moon, Green Grass Moon, Growing Moon, Half Spring Moon, Hare Moon, Ice Breaking in the River Moon, Leaf Split Moon, Loon Moon, Maple Sap Boiling Moon, Moon of Greening Grass, Moon of Red Grass Appearing, Moon of the Big Leaves, Moon of the Red Grass Appearing, Moon of Windbreak, Moon When Geese Return in Scattered Formation, Moon When Nothing Happens, Moon When the Geese Lay Eggs, Moon When They Set Indian Corn, Moon, Pink Moon, Planter's Moon, Planting Corn Moon, Planting Moon, Poinciana Moon, Red Grass Appearing Moon, Ring Finger Moon, Seed Moon, Snowdrop Moon, Snowshoe Breaking Moon, Spring Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Strawberry Moon, Strong Moon, Sugar Maker Moon, Summer Moon, Sweet Pea Moon, Moon, Tulip Moon, White Lady Moon, Wildcat Moon, Willow Moon, Wind Moon


Unknown said...

heartfelt sigh... what a lovely post!

Kameshwari said...
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Kameshwari said...

I always look forward to all of your moon posts. They are inspirational, introspective and intriguing.

christinalfrutiger said...

So many favorite names for this moon. We all have to like Big Spring moon, I of course love, Loon Moon and Sweet pea moon, Snow drop moon, Tulip moon. Ahhh the moon of spring!!
Gorgeous photo of Lady Moon!