Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday Poem - Containing Winter

make of this bitter winter day,
a container wild and sweet —
like a chalice carved in old wood

gift it with a song, one
woven of wind and tumbling snow —
breathe vibrant life within

hold it, oh so gently,
fluttering warm there in your hand —
then set it free to soar aloft

bow deeply to the day,
and embrace what it is telling you —
this is all there is



Angie said...

This is such a delightful, soothing poem...what a bright talent you are! I wish I had the memory capacity to hold it in my mind for every day.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Absolutely beautiful....

Endment said...

What a wonderful gift of images :)
Thank you

the wild magnolia said...

Oh my dear friend, what beauty of winter day and how..."it is wild and sweet, with song, tumbling and vibrant".....oh my, this moves me to tears. Deep, deep, "to embrace", indeed!

Thank you for sharing this weaving of words to keep!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo and poem. Thank you Cate.