Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Poem - What If This Road

What if this road, that has held no surprises
these many years, decided not to go
home after all; what if it could turn
left or right with no more ado
than a kite-tail? What if its tarry skin
were like a long, supple bolt of cloth,
that is shaken and rolled out, and takes
a new shape from the contours beneath?
And if it chose to lay itself down
in a new way; around a blind corner,
across hills you must climb without knowing
what's on the other side; who would not hanker
to be going, at all risks? Who wants to know
a story's end, or where a road will go?

Sheenagh Pugh
(from What If This Road: and other poems)


judy said...

love the poem.. love the 'illustration' of it.
thank you, miss Cate.

the wild magnolia said...

This poem is a mysterious and scary thought. Hah, I need all my road to take me where they are supposed to.

Great poem, sure make me think.