Monday, November 22, 2010

The Frosty Moon of November

She is eleventh full moon of the calender year, and certainly a frostier visitation than October's golden orb.  With rain  and wind in the forecast and much cloud about, I thought about staying indoors last evening, but wrapped up warmly, and Spencer and I went out into the cold windy night with tripod and camera. As we stood shivering in the garden, we wondered if the moon was going to make an appearance - if she would hide her radiant face this month or rise out of the drifting clouds and pour her light down over us, gifting us with wonder and perhaps a fey wisdom of some kind, a gentle knowing. One never knows in November.

Spencer is still somewhat puzzled by his mom's lunar studies, but he leaned against me trustingly in his Elizabethan collar and looked up at the sky, content to be there and sure that whatever we were doing out there in the cold windy dark, it was important, and worth doing. Perhaps that is what November's moon is all about - trust in each other, trust in the wild and elemental grace of this existence and the Great Round of our days and nights.  As the ubiquitous saying goes, "It's all good."

We also know this moon as the: All Gathered Moon, Buffalo Moon, Cold Begins Moon, Dark Moon, Deer Rutting Moon, Twelfth Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, Fog Moon, Freezing Moon, Frosty Moon, Geese Going Moon, Hunter's Moon, Large Tree Freeze Moon, Little Bear's Moon, Long Moon, Mad Moon, Moon of Cold, Moon of Fledgling Hawk, Moon of Freezing, Moon of Storms, Moon of the Falling Leaves, Moon of the Shaker Leaves, Moon of the Turkey and Feast, Moon the Rivers Begin to Freeze, Moon When All Is Gathered in, Moon When Deer Shed Antlers, Moon When Deer Shed Their Antlers, Moon When Horns Are Broken Off, Moon When the River Freezes, Moon When the Rivers Start to Freeze, Moon When the Water Is Black with Leaves, Mourning Moon, Moon of Much Poverty, Ring Finger Moon, Sacrifice Moon, Samoni Moon, Sassafras Moon, Snow Moon, Snowy Mountains in the Morning Moon, Trading Moon, Trail Moon, Tree Moon, White Frost on Grass & Ground Moon, White Moon, Whitefish Moon, Willow Moon, Winter Divided Moon, Yew Moon.

I am fond of "All Gathered Moon" and "Yew Moon".


Chris said...

This November Moon photo is stunning! I love, When Rivers Start to Freeze Moon!

Unknown said...

What lens did you use to capture that? My moon shots are always... well, terrible.