Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Poem - Storytelling

Come in out of the darkness.
Come in where the fire casts shadows of longing.
Sit near each other. Hold hands

while I tell you a story that has never been told,
a story with music, a flute and singing, a drum and dancing,
a story of life’s circle and the hungry wolves

waiting for caribou, and the caribou lingering
over a feast of lichen, and ravens poised in the trees
at the edges of the wolves’ eyes,

a story with a grandmother spider
stealing a piece of the sun,
a story with medicine plants and sacred weeds,

a story of how men and women found each other,
of how coyote got his cunning, of arrow boy,
of the owl’s beak tapping, always the owl, the death bird,

and the mouse, timorous, scuttling into its den,
a story of you, and you, and you.
What does it mean this dream fruit?

Nothing more than to peel and eat
the sweet juicy flesh, to let its seeds
become part of your spirit.

Long after I am gone
you will remember a story that never happened
how things that never were came into being.

Dolores Stewart,
from Doors to the Universe

This is one of my very favorite poems, written by one of my very favorite authors, Dolores Stewart Riccio, who writes gorgeous poetry as Dolores Stewart and delightfully magical novels as Dolores Stewart Riccio. It always seems to me to be the perfect poem for Samhain (or Halloween), that magical and liminal time when we stand on the threshold between one year and the next, when the veils between the worlds are gossamer thin and we dwell in infinite possibility.


Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

Cate, it's stirring to read this and i'm thinking this samhain, as i search for strength within myself, sometimes faltering, that reaching out to my ancestors at this time of the wheel may be necessary. Thank you...

WRO xo

judy said...

yes, Cate, it is yummy.. almost edible!
blessings to you, WRO.

the wild magnolia said...

A blessing to my spirit and soul on this October Eve, almost to, Samhain or Halloween.

Thank you for this and I shall see about procuring a few Ms. Stewart's writings!