Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Splendid Bird

This is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, and a very happy celebration (and feasting of course) to all of you who also live on the north side of the Canada/U.S. border. Would it not be a fine thing if we all observed this holiday on the same day of the calendar year rather than doing so almost a month apart?

No, we are not eating this gorgeous wild "tom". He was alive and well yesterday afternoon and putting on a fine splendid strutting performance on our favorite hill in the Lanark Highlands.


Tabor said...

Happy holidays to you! Way to beautiful to eat.

One Woman's Journey said...

Happy holiday to you. I had no idea it was different then in the US.
My field is full of turkeys. May not have turkey on the table this year :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad he's still around to enjoy the season. We celebrated with tofu. :)