Saturday, September 25, 2010

Little Sister in the Garden

Common Eastern Bumble Bee - Female
(Bombus impatiens)

This "bumble" may be the last little sister to visit us this year, for our nights are becoming cold, and the congregation of happy buzzing a few weeks ago is but an echo in the wind. Yesterday, she was the only little sister gathering late nectar in the garden, and she was moving very very slowly.

There is a lesson or three to be learned from the cheerful bumbles. As our days shorten and temperatures plummet, they continue to do their appointed work and gather nectar as long as they can. Knowing all the while that winter is coming and their days are numbered, they move from flower to late autumn flower, and how they sing. I shall miss them.


thelma said...

One of the things in the spring when you find the queen bees in the garden,cold and slow-moving, is to bring them in and give them some watered down honey on cotton-wool. It will revive them no end, there's nothing quite like listening to a furious little bee in a box demanding their freedom!

KViz said...

My Bumbles are winding down as well...doing "last call" on the buddleia closest to the shelter of the house. They have been constant companions this season, amd I will miss them!