Saturday, August 07, 2010

Early Days

Heritage (Ausblush)
English Rose by David Austin

Early days, the bittersweet stirrings of August and the harvest season...

Dawn skies in August are a fetching shade of violet, crinkled rose and gold along the edges, and a radiant scrap of waning crescent moon rose in the east before sunrise this morning - Spencer and I went out to greet the new day and the moon together. I sipped my tea thoughtfully, and my companion looked up at the moon and crooned to it softly, just as his big sister Cassie used to do on such mornings.

Thousands of geese were winging up from their rest on the river and out into the cornfields - there were vast waves of joyous honking song as they flew overhead and off for the first meal of the day.

My Heritage rose always puts on a rare display in August, and this morning, a single rose was blooming like a little pink moon in the sleeping garden.


Angie said...

What a luscious rose! I have David Austin roses on my list for my garden. Your descriptions transport to your Lanark Highlands and I can smell the rose, see the beautiful skies, and hear your beautiful Spencer. So vivid.

judy said...

"a single rose was blooming like a little pink moon in the sleeping garden"... love it!

Anonymous said...

That sounds so peaceful, Cate.