Tuesday, July 20, 2010


House Finch (Male)
(Carpodacus mexicanus) 
Alas, the third brood of house finches  who entered the world from a nursery in the wreath on our front door are growing up.  It will be only a few days until they have flown, the nest is vacant again, and we can go in and out of the little blue house as we do at other times of the year.  After entering and exiting the house through the garage or the rear door for several weeks, it will feel strange to be using the front door again.  
For months we have been listening to youngsters chirping merrily, and we have been watching their parents fly back and forth with food and words of encouragement to each other.  We have been gloriously serenaded by a magnificent rosy tinted male finch each and every morning, and it is a wonderful way to start one's day.  After the children fly off this week, there will be no morning finch songs until next year, and I am rather dreading the poignant silence to come.


Delphyne said...

Empty nest syndrome. It's not easy!

Anonymous said...

My h was just talking about this, how the birdsong is silent in August and how sad that is. I'm glad you've enjoyed the finches.

the wild magnolia said...

How this post tugged at my heart. A nest nestled in the wreath of your front door, baby finches waiting to break into their new world, a world that began literally at your front door.

How precious and thank you for sharing.

I love, love the picture!

Anonymous said...

From my hospital bed a red robin graced my window, then flew away free. Gave me hope...