Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rainy Day

Rain on the window forms draperies of its own; the garden and old trees are barely visible beyond the glass and precipitation and mist.

This is a good day for reorganizing art and stationery cupboards and reordering the multitudinous folders on this computer system, for drinking pots and pots of tea, reading, sketching and rocking gently along in time with the Scarlatti sonatas (Pletnev's recording), Hildegarde of Bingen and the Mediaeval Baebes too.  Tucked somewhere in the midst of such lovely pursuits are a batch of molasses cookies, scones and at least one loaf of gluten free bread.

A day like this is no' a bad thing.

1 comment:

Green Gal said...

Love this post! Great little details. It's so hot here, I can't imagine rain at all!