Sunday, June 06, 2010

Not in My Name

What can I say, and where do we go from here anyway?  This is beyond heartbreaking and horrifying, and I am furious.  

Gaia grievously wounded and reeling from the blows which have been dealt her, so much destruction, so many lives and livelihoods lost for greed and profit.  BP's words not withstanding, the Gulf situation cannot just be fixed, and we cannot believe a word that comes out of the collective mouths of the oil company.


Delphyne said...

Oh, Cate, I have been so distraught over this - the pictures are horrifying, sickening, infuriating. Worse, it could have been prevented.

You are exactly right -we cannot believe the words that come from Tony Hayward or the current US administration who are in the pockets of BP, Haliburton and the rest of those thugs who care nothing for our Earth and her life forms except how to mutilate and rape for greed, profit and their feeling of a sense of power over everything.

I wish for nothing except their speedy transport off Gaia quickly and without a return ticket to OUR home.

the wild magnolia said...

Many of us are outraged and so sad for the effects of this horrible continuing oil leak.

"We" the people have no control. I find it very discouraging.

There is a spiral of discontent for the state of our nation in general.

Personally, I am let down with our government, period.

Anonymous said...

Indeed! heartbreaking is the word of the day. I can barely bring myself to look at images from the areas hit by this awful mess that humans have created.

Collectively we can heal the earth but it really begins with one person at a time. Each individual has to begin where they are. Do what "YOU" can to make a better state of homeostasis and we will all benefit. Accountability will follow.

Soul hugs to us all!


Susannah said...

Have you seen this from Greenpeace:

judy said...

I haven't been able to look at the devastation.. it hurts me soooo much.
There are groups that have formed worldwide prayer/meditation circles to hold the area in light.. sending energy to help Nature heal Herself. It soothes me somewhat to do that. To sit by a body of water, even when it's just a bowl of water and send Mother Water healing energy.

Tabor said...

I just cannot let my mind go there. I was photographing so many lovely water birds just months ago. I just can't get my mind around this and it will be with us for MONTHS to come. Who knows where we will be this time next year?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cate. It is horrible and horrifying.

Melanie said...

My daughter lives in Destin, Florida. A week after this happened, she volunteered at the local wildlife preserve where they were trained on how to clean what animals they could up. They are also administering health aid to those animals in need.
I haven't been able to look either because I just want to cry. She texted me this a.m. with some pictures at the preserve of animals they have been assisting which helped me feel a little bit better. She works and lives at the beach so she is living with this daily. Most days she is really mad, but some days she just wants to crawl into a hole die with what she is exposed too. It really sucks!

Amy said...

I have just found your blog via a link on another and I'm so glad I did. These images are so powerful - they made me feel sick to think of the suffering experienced by our planet. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this important issue.

jzr said...

Beyond the sadness, outrage and horror of what is happening to our earth, I feel a deep sense of helplessness. We each carry the hurt and wounds in our hearts but must still bring loving kindness to all sentient beings, even the liars and the thugs. Greed caused this and I pray our government and those at fault will see the light and stop the oil drilling. We all know there are other ways we can live more simply. If we each consider how we spend our resources on a daily basis and make some changes in how we do that perhaps we will stop further damage in other parts of the world.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dear Cate,
I hear you and I hear these poor souls crying out. I feel for them. And I just want to cryout, why the ? are they taking so long to fix this disaster and what the ? are they doing to speed it up. My heart goes out to these beings and to those who are desparately trying to help - I wish I was closer to be able to help as well. I want to say a big thank you to you all that are there helping to clean these beautiful animals and to restore what can be restored. My heart aches...
Your soul sister Louise
May we all think positive thoughts.

Bec said...

“We the people” do have control. We are not helpless. We are responsible.

We must limit our use of fossil fuels. We must limit our dependence on the livestock and dairy industries, the heaviest consumers of these products. We must contact our leaders and demand--then support--clean, renewable energy.

Randy Emmitt said...

I've been upset from the onset of this. I knew it would become a nightmare and it has. No end in site for the people that live there and the wildlife will be effected for many decades. Have you see the video where they use straw and hay to clean up the mess? I have it on my blog a few posts back. No chemical companies involved so I guess it is not being considered even.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but we DO have some measure of control. How much driving have any of us done over the course of our lives? How many airplane trips? Have any of us advocated for rebuilding our nation's (USA) transit system, or for smart growth so that people don't have to drive their cars to do the necessary stuff of life? How many have relatives living far from you whom you must visit?

Big Oil is our own shadow. There are "evil" aspects to oil companies (profit *margin* that argues against safety features; exec greed) but they've given us exactly what we've collectively asked for. Now it's the systems we're used to - but we CAN make choices, some of them hard.

~Flaneuse in DC