Monday, May 17, 2010

Wild Turkey Nest and Eggs

One of our wild turkey nests as promised.... We are not sure how many nests there are on the Two Hundred Acre wood this year, but so far we have discovered five.

There are actually eight eggs in this nest. One egg is beyond the right edge of the photo; two eggs are partially buried in leaves and difficult to see. Chances are the mother bird had not finished her laying when the picture was taken - there are usually about fourteen eggs in a wild turkey's nest.


Dawn said...

great find Cate and the nest below! how lucky are you?

Anonymous said...

Lovely gifts on a Spring day!

Tabor said...

What a fascinating time you have walking in your woods and how lucky that your dog is so well behaved!

looking for beauty said...

you bring the most interesting things to light of day. This must have been a thrilling discovery.

Anonymous said...

This photo just made my day, truly. A perfect capture of life and nature's precious treasures. Thank you for posting this!

New to your blog, btw . . . I think I'm in love :-)