Saturday, March 27, 2010

Through An Early Window

Blue skies, gossamer clouds dancing in the wind like old lace draperies in an open window, my dear old ash tree - all are lighted from above by the rising sun.

One is sometimes tempted to play with such photos, but really, they are perfect as they are. No amount of tinkering could ever make them better than they already are, and this is just what the day looks like.

I am learning (slowly) that my Pentax is passionate about early light and sunset light - it loves the rising sun in its realm of blue and its wispy clouds, the fiery glow on the horizon as the sun drops below the hills. At such times of day, the lens is reverent and loving, and it makes a deep gassho to the world in which it walks and dwells and wonders.


Anonymous said...

That last paragraph is so very lovely, Cate.

donna said...

Galen Rowell used to call those times of day "Magic Hour" -- it was his favorite time to take photographs, when the light was just perfect for it.

I never understood how beautiful just the light itself can be until I was in Paris, and really saw that Paris blue evening sky for the first time. Wow. Took my breath away.