Sunday, March 07, 2010

From a Tay Bridge

What is it about these sunny days on the cusp of springtime?

Yesterday every bridge in Perth held a few happy (if bemused) and slightly dazzled northerners, peering over the railings into the deep blueness and looking thoughtful. The blue of the river was so vibrant and intense that the eyes could scarcely drink it in, but quaff it we did, as though it was fine wine.

Perhaps our wonderment arose from the tableau created by the handful of floating gulls on the river, whiter than snow and resting with studied insouciance on the icy waters. Whatever the reason for our enthralling, the moment was grand, and one to be remembered.


hele said...

i can feel the sun and the blue half way across the world.

Sky said...

probably seeing water moving instead of being frozen in ice was mesmerizing! glad you are thawing.