Monday, February 22, 2010

Timber, Snow and Clover

A corner of the hill in Lanark, seen on a snowy morning, with next summer's fence posts and a few tufts of withered but very resilient tall white clover peering out of the snowdrifts.

This study is a simple one - there are no tall trees, no rocks or hillside springs here, but the wintery view speaks of stillness, patience and quiet contentment, and it is one of my favorite pieces.

Although the image is a photo, it looks rather like a painting, and I have noticed that such is often the situation with late February photographic captures and offerings - almost as if the universe is telling me to look at it with new eyes and in a different way. The Old Wild Mother is the real artist, and I am merely her doddering assistant.


the wild magnolia said...

Stark still, drink in the image, stick still beauty.

The great value of pause. Strong emotion sweeps my spirit clear. Space is open for connection to The Old Wild Mother's artistry.

Doddering assistant, now, I just love that!

Thanks for the reminder of stillness and the beauty.

Anonymous said...

"Stillness, patience, quiet contentment"....this is what I must practice now that I am in the middle of hugh upheaval. And, I need the wisdom of the Old Wild Mother....I need to get to know Her better. I think she has been waiting for me to come around for quite some time now. Now is the time. Thank you Cate. Your photos speak loud and clear.

Val said...

That image blurs the boundaries between camera and brush. It is very pleasing, and the most relaxing view of winter I have seen. It speaks also of acceptance and contentment with the Here and Now. Beautiful composition. Lovely.

Tabor said...

I love what you have done in capturing the soul of this photo!

Laura said...

You are quite a magnificent assistant! It does look quite painterly...your eyes have caught the beauty for all of us to view too...thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, high profile photo -- it really does look like a painting!