Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Evergreen Quiet

You rise an hour or two before dawn and make a pot of tea. Standing by the kitchen window, you look out at the evergreens in the garden and marvel at their blue-green needles, the cloaking snowdrifts, the glossy suspended icicles, the north wind that sets them all dancing.

Looking out with your tea in hand, you find yourself wondering... Am I becoming invisible, buried in snow like the garden, forgotten, perhaps totally irrelevant? Oh for a little sunlight...


Tabor said...

You will NEVER be irrelevant! And certainly NOT forgotten.

the wild magnolia said...

Have another cup of tea and shake the cobwebs from your sweet mind. Irrelevant and invisible never. Your bright energy is visible to me here in Florida!

Oh my, the evergreens, one of my favorites. Whether they be iced or heavy with snow!

May the old Wild Mother bless you with a little sunlight. Me thinks the sunlight is hiding within your very own self. :-)

Much love, Sandi - TWMW of the S

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Oh, sweet Cate - you will not be forgotten - ever.
Now I have those thoughts about this One Woman. Blessings and Love sent from One Woman

Barbara Anne said...

You're not forgotten here either! Relish the tranquility and shine on!

I love evergreens, too. The sentinals of greens in the winter woods.


Rowan said...

Not forgotten nor irrelevant Cate! Foronce there is a similar scene outside my window to the one outside yours. We've had snow and below freezing temps for a couple of weeks now, this is more like the winters of my childhood. Just enjoy the time to rest and read and enjoy the beauty of the snowy scene.