Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Standing in Winter Light

What I really need on a morning like this one, is to be out in a certain wild and liminal place at the edge of the winter woods. The pale lemon sunlight touches the fields, the grasses and the whiskery trees, illuminating their frosty garments, turning everything gold and platinum and sparkling like Yuletide ornaments.

I wander with the Pentax and the Lumix slung around my neck, pockets full of lenses and filters, sketching pens and a battered field notebook. There are so many wonders and graces in the cold November morning that I just can't take them all in or aspire to capture them on a memory card.

No matter what the icy cold and deep snow of the long white season do to this aging bod, winter is a fabulous sacred being making all things new.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful, both photo and text.

Anonymous said...

What a magical photo.

Kentishmaid said...

I love you way you make each day special in some small way.

Artiseternal said...

Do you ever post your drawings?
I'd love to see what you do in that domain. Your pictures, as always are beautiful beyond words.