Saturday, November 07, 2009

Coming to Earth

There was a heavy frost over everything in sight yesterday just after sunrise, the roofs of the village houses spangled and glittering with ice crystals, the grass and tumbled leaves in the village crunching pleasingly underfoot on our early walk.

Spencer loves the sound the frost rimed leaves make under his dancing feet, and he runs through them at top speed to make them sing.

A brief snow, the first of the season, fell later in the day and disappeared at once.

Thin and papery at its verges, dry and rustling of texture at its heart and dappled with autumn wet, the last fallen leaf of my favorite red oak tree draped itself elegantly across an ash twig and waited for the north wind to carry it home to earth.

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Rowan said...

Neither frost nor snow here so far but the first frosts will be with us soon I think. I love those first crisp frosty mornings of the winter.