Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hat Full of Rain

Dark clouds, a hat full of rain and sodden fields of despondently drooping foliage were the order of the day Saturday, as we squelched along through field and woodland in our boots and oilskins, Spencer dancing along beside us, sometimes bounding over the wet shrubbery with blithe insouciance.

The day was quiet as only a wet October day can be, not a deer to be seen this time, although there was an occasional muffled footfall heard in the woods - there was no sign of our resident black bear or our little pack of timber wolves. A flock of wild turkeys was foraging in the western field, but the birds kept their heads down and could hardly be seen for the dense fog cloaking every hill and leaf strewn cove.

There is usually something out in the highlands to engage one's eye and bind up one's rainy day thoughts in vibrantly colored streamers. Beyond the fields a stand of tamarack (larch) trees had turned brilliant gold by yesterday morning, and they floated above the foggy fields like gilded lace. Then there was this perfect stained glass leaf turning in the breeze along the trail into the woods.

If the day had been sunny, would I have noticed these things?


Anonymous said...

And sun doesn't always make for the best photos.

Still thinking said...

Yes, there is beauty everywhere but sometimes it takes an act of will to see it :).

Sometimes. on a very wet days, even when the sky is dark, the light which nature gives out is almost numinous. These days, I love.

How is Spencer? I always look out for mention of him.