Sunday, October 18, 2009

From the Window

There is always something wonderful to see in the highlands on a sunny but cold afternoon in late autumn.

A few weeks ago, it was a whole flock of wild turkeys wandering down the middle of the road near the hamlet of Rosetta. Yesterday it was a watchful doe and her two plump fawns grazing in a wide windswept field along the same road and close by. I looked closely at all three deer through my binoculars and was happy to see that they are in peak physical condition and should make it through the coming winter very well. We could hear turkeys conversing beyond the hill, but they didn't appear.

It is time again to think about bins of windfall apples and bales of hay for the deer, to drag out snowshoes and toboggan and see if they will do another long white season without falling apart. Somehow or other, I shall find the strength to do all that stuff this winter.

Is there a lovelier phrase in the English language than Dylan Thomas's "rivers of the windfall light"?


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely phrase and a lovely thought.

Still thinking said...

And the Wheel turns.

We have been blessed with rain this Spring so everything is green here, at long last :). This is the most rain we've had for ten years. Rivers are running again and long dry inland lakes contain water once more.

Blessed be ..... and may Nature's strength remain with you over the coming weeks.

Kentishmaid said...

A few words....which capture the essence of an autumn's day. Thank you for this quote. I shall tuck it away and turn the words over my tongue for days to come as I watch nature sink towards the winter.

Pablo said...

Those are beautiful, healthy looking deer. I admire and respect your willingness to help them through the winter!