Monday, August 31, 2009

Rocks, Lichens and Turning Leaves

This is the last day of August, and I am in thoughtful mode.  It is difficult NOT to be in thoughtful mode when one is dancing on the cusp between summer and autumn, particularly when she is dancing along with another round of pneumonia at the same time and feeling a little woolly in her sconce as a result. Health and seasonal considerations notwithstanding, I look out through the window, and the whole wild world seems to be passing by and putting on a fine performance.

This morning a little after sunrise several hundred geese flew over the house at low altitude - they were all headed for the cornfields, and the air was full of their jubilant honking and calling to each other as they flew.  An hour or so later, a heron followed and then a loon, singing in that plangent, eerie and utterly glorious voice that belongs to the Great Northern Diver alone.

Rocks, lichens and turning leaves,  herons, geese and singing loons - the words form a wild mantra or litany, and the recitation lights up my day.  I think I shall try to paint it.


Anonymous said...

Not you too! Oh, Cate, I wish you easy breath soon. Your blog is so lovely. It is always welcome in my reader.

Sally said...

I'd say you've painted it, at least the ground-bound portion, quite well. Thank you!

Endment said...

Cate - so so sorry! I wish you healing and health soon!!