Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Poem - Sweetness

at dawn, a frail moon waning in the high
still light of morning, blesses this perfect
summer day, one that will never come again
in all its sweetness and its verdant spice,

and slow walkers in the early fog, we go paw
and paw through fragrant summer yieldings
of swaying purple clover and rhyming cricket,
of humming bee and dancing leaf

while all around us, unseen but deeply
felt and loved, this world is breathing
in and out, our three voices falling
into seamless light and tune and time.

how sweet this world, these earthly
days, how very very sweet...

Catherine Kerr (kerrdelune)


Sky said...

i love this. may i print and share it?

Kentishmaid said...

This morning I woke at three, and watched the day start from its very beginning. A sickle moon rising in lemon blue, mists below. Each moment, as the light grew ever stronger, tinged with beauty, never to be recaptured. I sat and gazed in awe as this one day began. Your poem speaks the words I cannot always articulate, thank you.

Endment said...

Thank you Cate

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful poem.

Katie-Rose said...
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