Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Purple Wonder

also called Starthistle, Loggerhead or Bluet
(Centaurea spp)

In this unseasonal northern coolness and precipitation, the wonder of the wild garden week has to be my knapweed, which persists in blooming gloriously in spite of the inclement weather at present.

The cool green foliage and vibrant lavender petals and the artfully sculptured bracts are a balm to the eyes on a wet grey day, and the feathery flower heads like mandalas are artful constructions indeed.

Spencer has a routine appointment this morning with his veterinarian, Dr. Sue, and on the way back from the North Lanark Veterinary Clinic, I shall climb down into the orchid bog, visit the pink lady slipper colony and try to determine just how far behind its blooming will be this year. I am almost afraid to look...


Barbara Anne said...

Amazingly beautiful! Do I also see a shy spider?

Hope the Ladyslippers are doing well...

Rowan said...

These are lovely and I have them in my garden too. It just shows why we need to use Latin names for plants though as I would call these flowers cornflowers and my knapweed doesn't flower until late summer and is purple and similar to a thistle flower. Bluebells are the same, to a Scot the bluebell is what I would call a harebell. Plant names are so fascinating.