Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Ramble - Romp

This week, Friday's ramble is without words for the most part. I am making ready for a craft show and photo exhibition over the weekend, and the little blue house in the village has piles of "stuff"everywhere - prints large and small, greeting cards, brochures, business cards, postcards and, of course, my portfolio. I am ready to go for the most part, but ideas continue to pop out of the ether, and I am always thinking of other things which could be added to the brew.

Spencer and I took our early walk as usual though, and this morning, the village common was full of cottontails gamboling, cavorting and merrily partaking of the first blooming purple clover of the season - the lovely fragrant stuff is blooming in abundance now.

The word for the week, had I time to write about it, would probably be "romp" which comes to us through the Middle English rampen and the Old French ramper, both originating in an old Germanic word meaning to rise or climb. The cottontails do it (romp, that is) with perfect aplomb.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed this. Wishing you great success at the show!

Crayons said...

Wonderful. I really like the vocabulary that you use. This post (with photos) conveys the light-hearted joy that you and your dog bring to life. I wish I could be there for the art fest.

Sky said...

wish some would romp around here - as long as they don't eat the goodies in the gardens!