Monday, June 29, 2009

Budding After Rain (II)

This is an Abraham Darby rosebud unfolding, and the photo, taken on a gray day after a night full of rain, does neither the rose nor its leaves any justice.

Abraham Darby was one of the first David Austin roses, one of the loveliest and most fragrant. It is the result of a cross of two modern roses, Aloha, a truly sumptuous climber, and Yellow Cushion, a particularly lush floribunda. In moderate climes, the rose has an overall apricot appearance with hints of pink, but this far north, the bloom is a delicate pink on the fringes of its petals, shading toward apricot and gold at its heart. The perfume is deliciously heady, a true old world rose fragrance with hints of fruit and spice - I so wish I could share the fragrance with you this morning.

This year's addition to the garden will be another David Austin rose, Crown Princess Margareta (Auswinter), but really, there are a number of magnificent creatures crying out to be added to the rose garden behind the little blue house in the village. So many exquisite roses - only a small garden in which to plant them and a single lifetime in which to befriend them...


Anonymous said...

It must smell wonderful. Anything this lovely must. I am delighted in my imagining. Sarah

Sky said...

when the breezes blow we are intoxicated with the perfume of our roses. what joy to be adding such a beauty with delicious fragrance to your garden.

Karen - An Artists Garden said...

I must make a note of this rose, I have Aloha, which I bought after walking under an arch covered with it. The fragrance was so lovely.

I am always searching for "that fragrance" the elusive quality that goes straight to the subconscious.