Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Fragrant

Cypress Spurge
(Euphorbia cyparissias)


Sky said...

oh, i love euphorbias! we have several varieties here, but humpty dumpty is my favorite!

i got an IE message that IE was aborting your page a few times tonigh. i could not remain in the page long enough to even read the post. hubby tried the url and got the same message on his computer even though he is running a different OS than i am. he said something was wrong with the coding on the template. finally i got in. have you been working on the template tonight?

kerrdelune said...

No, Sky, I wasn't working on the template last evening at all, so I have no idea what blogger was up to. I shall contact them and ask. It is exactly the same plain old template and no changes, and the problem must have been at Blogger's end of things.