Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Wild Gift

(also called Bog Onion, Brown Dragon, Indian Turnip)

(Arisaema triphyllum)

April and May are intervals replete with fabulous firsts in the woodland: Bloodroot, Dutchman's Breeches, Spring Beauty, Hepatica, various violets and trilliums tucked into sunny slopes and rock formations, songbirds warbling above the creek, loons flying overhead and calling greetings as they pass. Later there will be hillsides of columbines, fields filled with nodding daisies and waving plumes of clover, orchid spiced bogs and lake shallows graced by generations of stately herons.

The grandeur and largesse are almost too much to take in at times, and I have to remind myself to check my expectations at the door as I head out for the woods and watery places with camera in hand - the trick is go out with open eyes and alert senses, truly present in the wild moment and not looking for anything at all, but wholly receptive to what the Old Wild Mother and the day hold out as gifts and teachings.

A few days ago, the gift was a tiny Jack-in-the-Pulpit down by the creek, its delicate stalk as slender and silky as embroidery thread. There are abundant wild leeks and toothworts on the bank and cress growing right in the water, but never before had there been a Jack growing in that particular spot, and I was delighted. If I had just been stomping along and not paying attention, I might have walked on it, and that would have been sad.


Endment said...

Those wonderful "wild moments"!
I doubt I would even get out of bed without the promise of those wonderful "wild moments"

Jack is beautiful!

Sandra said...

One of my favorite woodland plants. Your photo of it is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. It lifts my spirits to read about your walks in the woods.

Sky said...

such a delicate and beautiful reminder of nature's wonders. trick is how do you get spencer to pay attention to where he steps?! ;)

aisling said...

I awoke this morn with you on my mind.....and as I came to visit ....I see you had written about being in the moment and seeing the beauty before us......and as our wild universe would have it..I have been pondering these very thoughts....peace to you in the north, peace to you in the woods, and peace to you upon the astral plain...aisling