Monday, May 04, 2009

Last of the Golden Hats

Trout Lily or Dogtooth Violet
(Erythronium americanum)

These are probably the last of the blooming trout lilies for this year. The artfully mottled leaves carpeted the woodland this weekend (along with the last of the hepaticas and claytonias), but there were few specimens still in bloom. I reclined in the leaves and fragrant forest litter and took a few photos of this one. It was one of those irresistible opportunities - the wind had faded away to a whisper for just a moment, the light was perfect, and I adore the shapes.

The black flies in the woods in Lanark were voracious yesterday, and our pottering was for only an hour or two. Strange as it may seem, we are off to the woods again this morning, this time in search of trilliums.


hele said...

this reminds me of the writings of colette and the times she spent in the woods as a child.

i'm so glad to have shared the moment of flower magic. thank you.

Endment said...

Wish I could get the trout lilies established here on this property. It is wonderful to find them on my strolls but more and more I find my days spent on these few acres so am dreaming of adding to their beauty.
How I would love to wander Lanark Highlands with you