Tuesday, April 07, 2009


First sunshine, melting and greenery peeking out of the earth, and now snow and an ailing internet connection.

A northern spring is always full of sly surprises, and one can never be sure that it has truly arrived until the trees are in full leaf and the daffodils are in bloom.


Sky said...

we had 2 light snowfalls just before our 4 full days of sunshine. 2 were moderately warm and sunny, and 2 were very warm (low 70s) - like short sleeve shirts and sandals and even then when in direct sun we were a bit too warm! strange climate all over.

i wish i could tell you what the 4 days meant to us. we flew out into the gardens and then went shopping in the plant nurseries. fabulous spring fever!

Anonymous said...

Your Buddha is still smiling regardless of the mixed weather we've been having:)
I'm never disappointed when I return to your blog.
thanks Cate