Sunday, March 15, 2009

They're Back!

Is there anything on the planet to compare with the elation which comes bubbling up when one hears the call of returning geese? Whatever else I am engaged in on this sunny day, my ears are tuned to the skies and flights of Canadas passing overhead in vast singing waves.

I shall have to wait several weeks for returning herons and loons, of course, but now that the geese are coming home, I think I can do it.

There are millions of Canada here in season, and they are regarded in some quarters as pests, but to me they are magnificent and they will never be pests.


Endment said...

We had Canada Geese overhead also today for the first time this season. There is that special call of Spring that comes along with their return.

Your photo is perfection.

Judy said...

We've hadf geese for a couple weeks but today we had our first BLUEBIRDS! They are the true sign of spring for me. Also a robin today. Does give me hope that winter is coming to an end. Had a wonderful sighting on Friday. Went to check if a local pond had thawed yet - no - but there on the ice were 4 trumpeter swans! Appeared to be a pair with last years cygnets. What a thrilling sight.

daringtowrite said...

Elation. My sentiments exactly!

Tabor said...

Well, my geese tend to stick around all winter and the sounds they make are not quite what I would describe as 'bubbling' but I think you live on a different side of the planet than I.

Sky said...

how thrilling! what a shot - fabulous image.

i can hardly wait until spring arrives in full force. my husband will have to drag me back inside at night! it has been a long, cold, snowy, winter for us (of course, nothing by comparison to yours!), and we are ready for the warm sun, the blooms, the birdsong and the mating dances in air!