Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Seven Lovely (and Very Creative) Things

Gera Scott Chandler of aMused artisan honored me with a Creative Blogger Award a while ago, and it truly made my day, but of course, I had to think about it for some time before posting anything here. Listing just seven much loved things is a difficult thing to do when the great wide world is chock full of signs and wonders and dreams and old seas and fine star spangled nights. I love, to name just a few things...

1. A single large mug of Indian tea (preferably Darjeeling) in the morning and a few quiet minutes in which to watch the sun rise through the kitchen window.

2. Perfect springtime sunsets when the sky is painted in shades from palest gold, rose and mauve to deepest indigo and the timber wolves are singing just over the hill.

3. Full moons and starry starry nights at any time of year - the wonder and magnificence of those nights never fail to amaze and astonish me.

4. The calling of great flights of returning Canada geese as they pass over the little blue house in the village in springtime. The first flight came home yesterday, and it made me feel like dancing, even though my cavorting would have been in deep snow. Then there are the stately great herons and tuxedo-clad loons of my beloved Lanark Highlands - they fill me with wonder and pleasure every single time.

5. The music the river makes as it tumbles headlong from the heights and roars happily down toward the beaver pond.

6. The sound of the wind in the spruce trees on the eastern hill at the Two Hundred Acre Wood.

7. My beautiful sweet Spencer curled up on the sofa and breathing softly as he dreams of chasing rabbits. Ears, nose and feet are in constant motion, and he croons a contented song as he floats along through the woods with a happy grin.


Lynn McGrath said...

Please post pictures of your little blue house in the village, tucked away somewhere in the Lanark Highlands. I'm sure we all would love to see it!

Lynn, from Charlotte, NC, USA

Linda G. said...

When I come here, I am drawn in to the magic of your world by the magic of your words. When I leave, I feel just as I do when I emerge from the world inside a wonderful book and after it ends..a little drunk and disorientated...

hele said...

Sig. What a beautiful post. it makes me feel all dreamy, happy and at peace.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I totally agree with "hele". I am at the end of a busy day and your words brought me much peace and even a sense of rest.
You weave magic with your words.
Oh what talent you possess.
In my next life I would like just a small portion of your talent.

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Lovely post. You, indeed, take us there to experience these simple pleasures with you. Congratulations on a beautiful blog. I agree with Linda G. You weave a spell....All Love, J

Gera Scott Chandler said...

...beautiful. Many of us count your blog as one of those beautiful life enriching things- a special magical soul-enriching place.