Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Ramble - Treading the Gate

She comes out of the deep blue sky before sunrise like a promise and a blessing, this perfect scrap of luminous waning moon. Watching Her rise through the trees, I lean against the counter by the kitchen window with a mug of tea in hand, and I remember. I remember, and in remembering I am renewed.

Putting on my hiking boots and picking up my trusty blackthorn walking stick once more, off I go in the early light, treading the gate and the winding trail beyond, sensing an adventure somewhere up ahead and around the bend. Perhaps I have been here all along. Perhaps I never left the path at all...

Approach the gate as a pilgrim, a seeker,
wear sturdy boots for walking,
go cloaked and hooded against the wind,
blackthorn staff and lantern in hand,
an abundance of candles in your pack
for the long journey ahead.

Bring gifts and offerings for those who
dwell beyond the ancient gate, bundles
of sage, clear water, kindling, earth and salt,
bring flasks of tea, incense and bread,
bring tales and laughter to share around the fire
with those you will meet along the way.

Travel lightly and make your journey by the moon,
taking the owls, true kindred, as your
fierce and tender companions, feel
their breath along your own wings, share
their dark and watchful wisdom as you flow.

Let the song you sing as you are questing
be your own sweet music, and the stories
you spin by the fire in the nights ahead
be the narratives of your own wild and shining life,
this journey you are making into an unknown land.

Listen to the night and be content, for you are not alone —
around you is a vast and singing throng,
the very stars are singing with you as you go.

Cate Kerr


Suzanne said...

Pure magic, Cate!

Katie said...

I heard myself in this and my heart was full - thank you for sharing this moment, Cate!

Shell said...

My card for the year is The Hermit. While I was reading this, I kept thinking of The Hermit. What it means to me especially with all that is going on with me. Beautiful written.

Cathy said...

Grandmother moon is just so beautiful in all her phases.

I had the opportunity for a 4AM wake-up this week and witnessed this same waning crescent as she was rising over the eastern horizon...

I will recall your beautiful description next time I am on the road commuting to work with all of the other "seekers" with whom I share the journey.

hele said...

this is really, really beautiful.

it made my soul sing.