Monday, January 05, 2009

True Blues

The sky and the fields and the fences and the hills go on forever, and their color is blue, in hues ranging from palest sapphire in the light to deep inky indigo in the shadows.

I stand here looking around, cold and lost for words, but at the same time, strangely contented. What purity of line, what depth and texture and gloss and flowing curves...

What can I say about this perfect winter day and this place which has not already been communicated by the image?


Visual-Voice said...

I love the way you invited me to return to the image and ask, "what's being communicated?"

Simplicity, quietude, barrenness, solitude. The presence of tire tracks sparks my curiosity that someone is just around the corner. Who might that be? It's a wonderful shot.

Kelley Ann Hornyak said...

Beautiful. I love your style of writing.