Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Greeting the Day

It's all about light, or rather the lack of it. In these midwinter days, I find myself yearning for radiance and pursuing it with all the passionate longing of a frantic and obsessed collector. Down alleys and around corners we go, by twittenings and icy wooded corridors, along roof lines and through tree tops, over the hills and far away.

Leaning against the counter in the kitchen at sunrise with coffee in hand, I see rosy gold on the eastern horizon and am stopped right in my tracks, staring and besotted. The morning light dances across an icicle suspended from the eaves of the house or through the trees in the garden, and out comes the camera. I turn on the computer a short time later, and everything I create seems to be about light, whether the creation is a photo taken a short time earlier, a scanned drawing of some sort, an Adobe Illustrator rendering or a combination of the three like the image above.

Imbolc or Candlemas falls this coming Sunday on February 1, and you may be sure that there will be a celebration here in the frozen north.


Val said...

That is a truly stunning image!

If snowdrops are nodding here, then Imbolc must be round the corner!

Anonymous said...

I love Imbolc/Candlemas. And how vibrant indeed it must have been for our ancestors in the days before electricity !

Many blessings to you-and to Spencer-how very fine and handsome he has become !

Shell said...

A beautiful picture. The cat looks regal and right at home greeting the sun.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Beautiful photo! I am right there with you seeking the light.

Kilauea Poetry said...

What a cool shot..really inspirational.