Sunday, December 07, 2008

What the World Holds Out (III)

On some winter days, the world holds out peace, stillness and the sound of snow falling in the trees. On other days it is wind, blowing snow and deep bone chilling cold. This morning, the world held out the latter.

It was -27 Celsius (including the wind chill) when we trudged up the trail to the bird feeders, wrapped up in almost every warm garment we possess, heads down against the gale and toting bags of sunflower and other goodies. One could not see a thing for blowing snow, and the roaring wind drowned out our few chilled words to each other. Spencer rambled ahead, but soon discovered that the snow was up to his bare tummy in places, and his enthusiasm waned rapidly. He's a plucky little guy though - much tail wagging and nary a complaint about the weather and traveling conditions. If only he would consent to wear his fancy neoprene doggy coat, but he loathes the garment. My furry son is happy to be home in the warm again and is napping on the rug beside me as I write this.

All this "stuff" has to be done in winter - our wild residents must eat, and the snow is deep enough that foraging is rough going for them now. There were no deer to be seen today because they have already retreated to their winter yards, but the chickadees and nuthatches were delighted to see us and effusive in their praise. Watching them flutter around our heads and chirp their thanks, we managed to feel warm all over for a few minutes.

Even the boulders in the gorge looked cold today, and there were times when I thought they would blow away too.


Livia Indica said...

That's what I forgot to buy yesterday: birdseed!! Ah! I will have to make another trip cuz I just can't stand to see our feathered friends go hungry. Luckily I've got enough seed and stale bread to tide them over for now.

I have problems with doggy coats too. One of our dogs will actually go into hysterics if we try to put a coat or sweater on him. He was dumped and found in a parking lot and, given his behavior when we first got him, we've suspected that he'd been abused. And that perhaps part of this abuse consisted of putting him inside something similar to a coat. So, we don't force it and he just makes quick trips outside when its cold cuz he refuses to wear something.

I'm loving the photos and words lately, just beautiful.

Sorrow said...

so very
very cold.
The birds watching from the trees,
i can see it!
waiting for a smakeral
of lunch!

Sky said...

i see the photos and recognize frozen earth and air so cold your nose would seem to freeze. i hope you're always safe and warm in the trek you make and that you are not alone out in the elements. a fallen hiker in that weather would be a dead one.

the wildlife there are lucky you and your generous heart share their earthly space. :)

Quiet said...

I cannot imagine what it is like to feel such cold. How do the little birds survive in these conditions? Bless you for feeding them. Love to Spencer too :).

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Stay inside and you and your special friend Spencer spend hours in front of the fire. Oh, your area looks cold and I am chilly looking at your magnificient pictures.

Heather said...

I live in southern interior BC and we haven't had any real winter yet. All of the snow has melted and it has been relatively warm, so I am looking at your beautiful winter pictures with some envy.