Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Poem - Containing Winter

make of this bitter winter day,
a container wild and sweet —
like a chalice carved in old wood

gift it with a song, one
woven of wind and tumbling snow —
breathe vibrant life within

hold it, oh so gently,
fluttering warm there in your hand —
then set it free to soar aloft

bow deeply to the day,
and embrace what it is telling you —
this is all there is

Cate (me)


Sky said...

" woven of wind and tumbling snow..." brings images and sounds to mind, and an eagerness for our first snowfall this weekend!

stay warm!

Suzanne said...

I was drawn in to the beauty of your poem, Cate. Thank you, dear spirit.

L'Adelaide said...

cate, I needed this this day....thank you deeply.

L'Adelaide said...

oh, how I forget everything....many happy returns on YOUR day, dearie ;)

Linda G. said...

A beautiful poem, Cate:) I've been trying to live each moment of my life realizing that my lifee is this moment..your poem sparks that kind of awareness..thank you:)

ellen said...

i am new to your site Cate, and your imagery is lovely-thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Cate,
Formidable! As always

Anonymous said...

Lovely words; lovely image. I hope someday you will put together a book of your words and images--perhaps with a focus on the winter season you teach us all to appreciate so much more.

hele said...

That is just beautiful. Both the poem and the photo.

It created a moment of perfect balance in my heart.