Monday, December 01, 2008

Ice Rimed Thoughts

It is what happens at this time of year when the days grow ever shorter, when snow falls, rivers freeze over, and an icy wind howls in the gutters and the eaves of the little blue house in the village. I pull the draperies closed and shut out the gloom beyond the windows. I brew several pots of tea (one after the other). I cook and draw, read and dream, plot luxuriant gardens for next year, scheme great schemes and even nap.

Today is the first day of December, and that means that in only thee weeks, northern days will begin to lengthen again. Hallelujah! It will be many many weeks until springtime arrives, but at least we will be on our way to warmth again, and Yule just may be my favorite day in the whole turning year. There will certainly be celebrations and much silliness here, candles and music and mulled cider to drive away the darkness and welcome the return of old Helios.

Since woolgathering is in full swing here, there should probably be a picture of a sheep or two attached to this post., but woolly creatures are hard to see in the snow.


Deborah Carr said...

Lovely thoughts and images...are we not so blessed to have the luxury to do these things that mean so much... to dwell in daydreams, sip tea and play with words.

I see we have much more in common than just wordplay.

Anonymous said...

Framing: in the midst of short days and cold weather, remembering that the days will soon be growing longer once more.

Lil said...

gorgeous cate! i can feel the magic of the season through this

lil xo

Ontario Wanderer said...

With the incredible beauty of the river scene, and not one mosquito to be seen either, I cannot imagine staying inside with tea and dreams. I want to be outside with skis or snowshoes. Also, just for the record, wooly sheep and goats are quite easy to see against the snow.

Ontario Wanderer said...
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